About 5F

You may wonder if 5th & Franklin is a real intersection. A physical location. Really, it’s the merging of two places that are full of inspiration for this brand. It’s where the idea for this boutique began. Here’s how it happened:

IN THE BEGINNING:  From the smallest town that I can guarantee you have never heard of, we always had to make special trips and travel far to shop. Greenville was the closest place to find those back to school clothes or try out the newest trends, and if you really wanted something special you would go to Raleigh for the weekend. Eventually, I moved to Greenville for college…and clothes. Before Downtown became Uptown, 5th street was the liveliest place in Greenville. It was closest to campus and the area with the most school spirit I have ever seen. I graduated East Carolina University with a degree in Apparel Merchandising. After college I stayed in Greenville for a while before moving to Chapel Hill where my, then boyfriend, now husband finished law school at UNC. I was in a new town, a strange place, and started looking for that same hometown feeling. I wanted to find a new downtown area full of school spirit and of course, the shopping. Enter Franklin Street. Nothing compares to it and no matter where you’re from, whether you bleed purple and gold or Carolina blue… Dook still sucks.

This new place was great, but finding fashion outside of franchises and big box stores became somewhat difficult. There were a few specialty stores and boutiques in the area but I still wasn’t finding everything I wanted in a store and experience.

THEN: I started Greige Boutique in 2015 as a mental escape from my banking job while thriving off the ability to express my creativity and create the store I had been longing for. Although I enjoyed my first boutique, I decided to close it after a few years. They say there is a time and place for everything and that just wasn’t mine. After moving back to the eastern side of the state and recognizing the scarcity of shops and boutiques available around me,I realized fashion and becoming a boutique boss is where my passion lies and that is what I should pursue.

NOW: Fast forward to now. I started the idea for 5th & Franklin Boutique by drawing inspiration from the places that changed me, challenged me, and brought me the best friends, the best fashion, and everything I didn’t know I needed. I hope this boutique and these clothes can do that for you. From freshman year to fabulous and 40, from mug night at Sup Dogs to corporate luncheons, I want this place to make a lasting impact on your wardrobe and life. Providing excellent service and building personal relationships is important to me. Please reach out with any questions you may have or just to say hi! I would love to hear from you.